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Below you will find more information about our staff, clinic, and equipment as it relates to the veterinary position. You will also find the names and contact information of veterinarians who can speak to what it is like to work with our team. 

Facility & Equipment

Wise Owl Animal Hospital is a small animal clinic off the main road in Tamuning, Guam. Our hospital has four exam rooms, boarding area, surgery suite, open treatment area, employee lounge, offices, X-ray room, isolation room, and fenced back area including outdoor runs.  Check out pictures of our facility here.

Our equipment and facility are modern by any standard. Our in house lab is comprised of Abaxis equipment (HM5 and both VS2 and VS1). We use Abaxis and Idexx for outside lab services (via FedEx). We have most of the modern "toys" including, but not limited to:

  • Digital radiographs
  • Tonometer
  • Pulse ox
  • Bluetooth EKG,
  • Class IV Companion Laser
  • New dental machine
  • Automatic cytology slide machine (for consistency)
  • Real time microscope results are visible on monitors in each room
  • Mac computers in all rooms
  • and we are transitioning to ezyVet in November 2017, a paperless and cloud-based software system with further integrations and capabilities.

Our anesthesia is designed around patient needs and doctor preference: Propofol, Ket/Val, Kitty Magic, Doggy Magic, TTDEX, Locals Midazolam, Opioids, etc. are available at our clinic. We use isoflurane as our inhalant. We have multiple anesthetic machines and monitoring equipment. 

There are no referral clinics on Guam. We use telemedicine and consultations as needed, but as things go, Wise Owl Animal Hospital is the place to go in the North Pacific for pet care. Please see "Practicing in Guam" for more on what we see and treat the most of. 

Our Staff

Our staff is full of fun loving and enthusiastic personalities. There are over 22 highly trained certified veterinary nurses and 5 kennel assistants on staff. Six of our nurses are also Certified Dental Hygienists. Our nurses are capable of doing all your lab work, phlebotomy, IV and urinary catheter placements, medication administration, etc. They are hard working, eager learners that are fantastic to be around both inside and out of the clinic work environment.  

Wise Owl Animal Hospital is proud to employ both Guam locals and those temporarily on the island with the military. Learn more about our amazing staff on the Staff page.

Our References

Dr. Myles Mortiz

Dr. Myles Mortiz was the first associate veterinarian to join Wise Owl Animal Hospital. He worked with us for 4 years before returning stateside to practice on the East Coast. He has graciously agreed to allow you to contact him regarding work here and Guam in general.

[email protected]

(252) 833-0896

Dr. Rhonda Aliah

Dr. Rhonda Aliah has joined us as a returning relief veterinarian throughout the years.  She continues to provide relief services around the world and has also agreed to allow you to contact her regarding relief work and getting the most out of your time in Guam.

Dr. Genevieve Weaver

Dr. Genevieve Weaver joined the team 2 years ago as an associate veterinarian. You can learn more about her from her bio on our website. In consideration of her time, we are limiting contact with her to those applicants, we will be considering hiring. 

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